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1 comment for “George Monbiot canoes across the UK floods – video

  1. Brian Cartwright
    March 6, 2014 at 14:09

    The setup: UK has the worst flooding in 250 years, David Cameron claims, “money is no object in this relief effort”, and Guardian journalist George Monbiot takes to a canoe to make an independent assessment, starting at the official source of the Thames, in upland fields.

    “Instead of the kind of cover you would expect in a sensitive catchment, that absorbs the rain, … you see field after field left bare for the winter, and the rain is just flushing off and carrying with it stuff which is lovely when it’s in a field, it’s called soil, but when it’s washed off the field and down into the river, becomes something else entirely called silt.”

    Monbiot interviews a gentleman of the neighborhood and they agree this looks like climate change. He then takes to a canoe on the outskirts of the village of Hurley, on what he calls, “Lake Cameron”, and he lays the blame for this disaster at the Environment Minister Owen Paterson, who’s undecided and ineffective about climate change.

    His conclusions are excellent and hard-hitting, and yet there’s a missing piece – soil carbon. Suppose those muddy upland fields had been managed to protect the precious soil resource – not only would the flow of water from heavy rains be buffered, but the growth of vegetation would have been sequestering a lot of the carbon that is in imbalance in the atmosphere.

    Soil carbon is the missing piece – in the climate conversation and in the ground.

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