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Soil advocates to speak at Savory Institute conference

Courtney White and Judith Schwartz are the authors of two books published by Chelsea Green, and they will be panelists in August at the London conference of the Savory Institute.

Courtney White says about the potential for holistic planned grazing, “Here’s the really exciting part: if land that is bare, degraded, tilled, or monocropped can be restored to a healthy condition, with properly functioning carbon, water, mineral, and nutrient cycles, and covered year-round with a diversity of green plants with deep roots, then the added amount of atmospheric CO2 that can be stored in the soil is potentially high. … soils contain about three times the amount of carbon that’s stored in vegetation and twice the amount stored in the atmosphere. Since two-thirds of the earth’s land mass is grassland, additional CO2 storage in the soil via better management practices, even on a small scale, could have a huge impact. Grasslands are also home to two billion people who depend on livestock—an important source of food and wealth (and culture) to much of the earth’s human population. Both these animals and their human stewards could be mobilized for carbon action.”

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Putting Grasslands to Work – Chelsea Green : Chelsea Green.

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